29 April 2009

slappin your troubles away

alright let's try and combine as many epic things as we can in one video:

1) vince and the slap chop
2) auto tune
3) random dance video from decades past


28 April 2009

Surely you jest! I'm under cardiac arrest, shawty

i spent all afternoon watching CNN because my coworkers are paranoid about the swine flu.

if it were broadcast using auto tune and a catchy backbeat, maybe i wouldnt have wanted to stab my eyes out for 3 hours

and maybe even liked it.

27 April 2009

or... just use a coffee mug

this is like How Its Made for alcoholics.

there are much more efficient ways to sneakily enjoy a brew... but i suppose this works too.

yea, becky, i got fuckin snapples

this guy must spend his whole life in grocery store.

also im willing to bet that this isnt actually working out for him... otherwise he wouldn't have time to film this 7 minute video.

22 April 2009

this one just reminded me of cheesus... JESUS, sorry

i love me a good jesus sighting. who knew there were so many variations?

20 April 2009

i have had it with these monkey fighting snakes!

FX, why bother? just bleep it out, we all know the line has nothing to do with monkeys or days of the week.

sammy j, dont you feel at least a little cheated?

14 April 2009

im dyin in this fuckin country-ass fucked up town

note to self: if you ever become a reporter, keep your cool if something unexpected happens. like swallowing a fly.

this guy didnt get that memo.

12 April 2009

boom boom

im always fascinated when little kids have sick dance moves. how do they move like that? i have never moved like that, and certainly never will.

check out henry break it down.

11 April 2009

the bro-sure was all mine

i just saw 'i love you man'... amazing. and then i rediscovered this little interview. it dies off after the fart jokes end, but damnit if i wasn't giggling uncontrollably for the first 2 minutes.

i love you paul rudd.

10 April 2009

with the meat and cheese that's ready to go

i think i would shit my pants if on my first day working at wendy's i had to watch this video. it makes grilling burgers look a little more glamorous than it actually is.

09 April 2009

never gonna give you up

i'm more than a little bummed that i'm just discovering this now.

05 April 2009

work ya shouldas, and move ya leg

thank you, miss grimmel, for introducing us to the latest dance moves.

this is apparently the new 'crank that'

i dont see myself pulling this off anytime soon

01 April 2009

jerry, hello

i'm not sure if i'm amazed, confused, awed, or... what.

how is he doing that? my hands dont make that noise, ill tell you that much

i need to freedomize this ford explorer!

i watched this, and thought to myself 'this has to be some kind of weird parody'

but then i went to tdmautosales.com... apparently there is actually a cuban gynecologist selling used cars in north carolina.

maybe america really is the land of opportunity

update: apparently this was produced by some dudes who already have some viral internet videos of their own... booo rudy for tricking me