31 March 2009


if you have 200 seconds to spare (which you do, don't lie) you should watch this.


thats like drinkin a glass of water with a hole in the bottom... aint gonna work baby!

wrap it before you tap it

no glove, no love

sex is cleaner with a packaged wiener

dont be silly, protect your willy

... i could go on for days. so could sinbad, apparently.

27 March 2009

youre such a good fish that marlond helped you to eat but now youre dead

this might be the cutest thing i have seen in a long time.

i wish we could see the parents' faces... im impressed they held back giggling until the second half of the eulogy

you will be missed, lucky

25 March 2009

leonardo baa-vinci

is this for real? i just dont see how they did this.

too much free time, british sheepherder men

24 March 2009

wikki wikki wild

this is effing crazy

i want a chameleon now.

except not really.

america's friendliest hometown

maybe dont quit your day job, joey b

23 March 2009

brush yo goddamn teeth

if anything, the severe repetition of this video will help you remember to do them on a regular basis.

please dont tell me this is for real... if so, the end times may be closer than we think.

22 March 2009

an if you have anythang to say you can say it to... me

im glad this video didnt lose any of its charm now that im watching it sober.

dont mess with this girl... yikes.

17 March 2009


if only i spoke japanese

...or maybe its better that i dont

trying to come up with ideas of what this could be is more disturbing than simply watching the video.

11 March 2009

the vest wards of spells

just in time for st p's day, a little story about a town down south with its own luck o' the irish

... or something.

01 March 2009

what hurts the most... was being so close...

thank youuuu chuck, for posting this on madelines wall

i smiled for a good half an hour after watching this kid

i dont even know what song this is, but i kind of want to download it now.