27 February 2009

beer is liquid bread its good for you

happy friday

in honor of the end of the week, lets raise our (lego) glasses to the drink that makes the weekend worthwhile.

thanks mads, which lego man are you supposed to be?

26 February 2009

yea this collar's popped, cuz i'm the f*ckin man and everyone knows it

its nice to do a little throwback once in a while, to a video that once upon a time was quoted night and day.

everywhere you went, you could hear the murmurings of 'jaegerbombs'

lets go back to that glorious time.

check it, my playas

i try and keep my making fun of other people to a minimum... at least publicly.

this... is just too much. i'm not sure if he's serious or not.

i went to high school with this kid. its really just the first 40 seconds you should subject yourself to.

this is why white boys from the country should stay away from rap.

Frable Frabes Piano Remix of Akon

25 February 2009

anyone who thinks theyre too cool to use twitter can leave

as a new member of the world of twitter, i think i could relate to this video more of he were mad that this site is utterly confusing.

i still cant figure out how i'm supposed to find people... i have 2 friends and they both found me.

i feel ya, Big A.

don't wanna be...

i think obama could get a lot more people on board if he starting walking around with an actual elf on his shoulder, advising him and all that.

ps im aware i already shared this on reader but i really like it... waste 20 seconds of your life and watch it again

24 February 2009

women are only good for 3 things: cooking, cleaning, and vaginas

this song is just so... honest.

if only every man could be this open... life would be so much easier.

ps nice shorts

i never thought id be this warm, i wish they made snuggie porn

two weeks ago i brought you 'on a boat'

apparently since then people started making parodies... of a song that was supposed to be a parody.

of a product that has other parodies.


thanks teens, for making me watch this fat guy dance around in his underwear and a backwards robe (which is what a snuggie is, b t dubbs)

23 February 2009

my blue jeans is tight, so onto my love rocket climb

sometimes i feel bad about ripping videos off other peoples' blogs about videos

but not when theyre as fabulous as this.

i'm not even sure what this is supposed to be besides 'totally awesome'

14 February 2009

we're your first, last and only line of defense

the 90's came up with some great stuff.

the MiB being one of them... i'm watching this on special edition VHS right now.

ive made people watch the movie past the credits just for this video on at least one occasion... i'm not ashamed of my love for some big willie style.

i got my swim trunks and my flippy floppies

i think i'm a little late on discovering this, but i dont care.

i blame it on the fact that i was incapacitated by about 9pm last saturday, preventing me from watching snl.

i do what i want.

13 February 2009

i'm a pc and i'm 4 1/2

this is cute but also about 75% creepy.

microsoft you should be ashamed... she should be outside running around and playing not taking pictures of her fish and emailing it to her parents on her own.

this is the future?

b*tch, you aint no nerd!

just in time for v-day, this guy really loves his girl

and waffle fries.

free ones.

girl your panties are rubbin all OVER that toilet seat!

mads and i talked about this video this weekend, i feel like it needs to be revisited.

everyone knows tyra is a major crackhead but this takes it to a whole new level.

like i needed her help on how to use public restrooms...

12 February 2009

put your left hand out, put your right on top

i was at work when this commercial came on, and i was mesmerized the entire time.

its the combination of the awkward moves, the guy rapping about potty training, and the technicolor surroundings that just made this so... enrapturing.

if this is what i have to look forward to when i have kids, no thanks.

remember the time when we did that thing?

this is completely what i picture for at least a few of my guy friends' relationships.


11 February 2009

you dont have to be lonely at farmersonly.com

i'm really sorry to report that this is 100% for real.

a real dating website. for farmers only.

nice jingle.


as much as i enjoy wielding my hefty, daggerlike letter opener at work everyday, oftentimes in a violent manner to relieve stress, i think this could be quite useful in the office as well.

if not at least entertaining.

10 February 2009

nothing ruins a kiss more than uncertainty

weve all been there: ready to go in for the kill and unsure of ourselves.

thanks to our friends at videojug, you can learn how to accurately and effectively kiss someone passionately.

also check out their video on hoe to undo a bra with one hand... another helpful skill for some of us.

2 thousand and 8 the white house is green

i know st pats day isnt for a while, but i think everyone can use some leprechaun spirit once in a while.

plus this song is catchy. it's guaranteed to put a pep in your step and a whistle in your soul

... or something.

(and its totally legit)

Theres No One As Irish As Barack OBama- Hardy Drew Irish Obama S - The most amazing bloopers are here

09 February 2009

monday i do the party

you dont have to speak german to think this is weird.

some people can't get enough of it... personally, i think its creepy.

Ich bin dein Gummibär-Das Video - MyVideo

06 February 2009

but i thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end?

best 90's pop video ever?

easily-memorizable pop-and-lock dance moves?

cheesy story-within-a-video?

catchy tune you can't get out of your head if you tried?

the blanket that will ruin your sex life

as if the normal commercial for the snuggie werent ridiculous enough, someone made a new commentary for it.

i think im going to get me one.

05 February 2009

we used to be frenemies when we were all running for the democratic nomination

if Barack had his own reality show, you know it wouldn't be in the style of whitney audrina and lauren.

but apparently newsweek thinks so.

i think i'm going to dump his ashes in a pot of chili

apparently i'm turning into a real sucker for corny jokes these days

i think part of it has to do with the fact that i'm one of the worst joke-tellers on earth

let's turn the lights off, for effect

this guy has a whole series of things he tries to blend, but this one is my favorite.

i love the cheesy 50's sitcom music that's playing gently in the background as he's tearing these glow sticks to shreds.

dont try this at home, kids

04 February 2009

hooray for YOU!

if you're thinking that a CD that cheers you on is going to make you feel better about yourself

... maybe you have bigger problems than finding out where to purchase such a thing.

dont pay him any attention

im just wondering where this guy got a leotard in his size

it really is a feat of technology that he was able to fit into such a garment

i feel that the world is a better place because of it

03 February 2009

Don't make it too hot though when serving it to gringos!

even though one of the biggest guac days of the year, the super bowl, was a few days ago, i feel its not too late to sing its praises

i can't flex the golden pipes?

as one of the better (best?) superbowl commercials this year, the e*trade baby and friend have made their way into our hearts and onto this blog.

02 February 2009

do i have stitches on my teeth?

i cant tell if this is funny, sad, creepy, or some wild combination.

you decide.

i like girlieeeeeeeeeees

if i was near a computer yesterday, i would have posted it then

so here is a special belated super bowl sunday video

I got hope on my lips, Blackberry on my hip, Secret service we rollin deep

after seeing him on ellen, i can believe that the real O could get down like this... beyonce would be proud